Trader’s Recap - Barclays, (NYSE:BCS), American Airlines Group, (NASDAQ:AAL)

Barclays PLC (ADR)(NYSE:BCS) is currently trading at $7.63 with incline of 4.52%.The stock is floating in a range of $7.34 and $7.67 whereas, it’s 52-Week High Price is $18.05 with respect to its 52 Week Low Price of $7.34. The share price is presently -21.83 percent as compared to its SMA20, -22.68 percent as compared to its SMA50, and -33.17 percent as compared to its SMA200.

Barclays Bank PLC declared that following the close of business on Friday, July 8, 2016, there will be no changes to the constituents in the Atlantic Trust Select MLP Index.

The Barclays ETN+ Select MLP ETNs are linked to the performance of the Volume-Weighted Average Price (“VWAP”) of the Index. The ETNs were listed on the NYSE Arca stock exchange in March 2013 under the ticker symbol ATMP. An investment in the ETNs involves noteworthy risks, counting possible loss of principal, and may not be suitable for all shareholders. The ETNs are riskier than ordinary unsecured debt securities and have no principal protection. The ETNs are speculative and may exhibit high volatility. The ETNs are also subject to certain shareholder fees, which will have a negative effect on the value of the ETNs. You are not guaranteed to receive coupon payments on the ETNs. You will receive a coupon payment on a coupon payment date only to the extent that the accrued dividend exceeds the accrued shareholder fee on the relevant coupon valuation date.

In accordance with the Index methodology as described in the prospectus regarding the ETNs, the Index is rebalanced quarterly. The 29 index constituents will be rebalanced on a capped, float-adjusted, capitalization-weighted basis across four index business days starting on Friday, July 8, 2016. Constituent additions to and deletions from the Index do not reflect an opinion by Barclays Bank PLC on the investment merits of the respective securities.

American Airlines Group Inc (NASDAQ:AAL) presently priced at $27.99 with incline of 4.53%.In the time frame of the last one month, the share-price has risen almost -11.6%. The Earnings per Share of the stock is $11.13. The share price is presently -7.96 percent as compared to its SMA20, -14.36 percent as compared to its SMA50, and -28.71 percent as compared to its SMA200.

American Airlines Group Inc., through its auxiliaries, operates in the airline industry. As of December 31, 2015, the company operated 946 mainline aircrafts, in addition to 587 regional aircrafts through regional airline auxiliaries and third-party regional carriers. It serves 350 destinations in about 50 countries. The company was formerly known as AMR Corporation and changed its name to American Airlines Group Inc. in December 2013. American Airlines Group Inc. was founded in 1934 and is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.



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